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3.5 starsAn interesting account of the life of Anne Bonny, the pirate queen. This book begins in 1700 in Cork, Ireland. William Cormac, a well to do Englishman, has just learned that his mistress, Mary, has given birth to a daughter, Anne. William doesnt particularly like his wife and wont give up Mary and Anne. He doesnt want to see his daughter brought up amid the prejudices in town so William, Mary and Anne leave for the southern colonies of the New World. They end up in Charles Town of the Carolinas. Anne is precocious and independent from the start. What follows is the story of Annes life.There is a lot of information on piracy in the Caribbean. James Bonny, Calico Jack, Stede Bonnet, Mary Reed all make appearances. On New Providence Island, pirate headquarters so to speak, we see how the pirates had their own form of government and were relatively free to come and go as they please due to a corrupt Governor. There is a lot of information on piracy in general. There was a very fine line between pirate and privateer. Anne Bonny sure led a dangerous and adventurous life. Jekel, as usual, researched this thoroughly. This book is a bit different from the others I have read by her, as it is not about one place through hundreds of years. It was very interesting and would have been a solid 4 stars for me had it not been for the over the top and overly descriptive bedroom (or hammock on a caribbean island) scenes, too much info for me!
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