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It all gets a bit tedious after a while – the hectoring tone, the argument-by-assertion, the repetition, the special pleading and question-begging, the myopia. And quickly. Despite the books massive flaws, the central contention – that its a profitable endeavor to subject our culturally inherited beliefs and biases to critical scrutiny, availing ourselves of the tools of science and reason – is certainly true, and not particularly controversial. The OTF itself can be salvaged from the wreckage of the book if you broaden it to include all manner of beliefs, rather than only explicitly religious ones, and extricate the authors unsubstantiated foregone conclusions which permeate the text. But really, whats the point? In a culture as modern, pluralistic, and secular as our own, this amounts to preaching to the choir. Even if the sermon did happen echo beyond the pulpit, reaching the apostate faithful out on the street corners and miraculously leading to some of their conversions, they still wont have become outsiders. Theyll have done the only thing thats possible: traded one insider vantage for another.^^ This is the conclusing paragraph of my review of this book. The full thing is available here: class="block text" id="block-58f9652b55d2a179c8005349">
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