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Book description
Love flourishes when two knights unexpectedly find the woman of their dreams…Sir Robert finds a beautiful maiden sobbing by a small waterfall. She proves to be a very special woman who can communicate with dragons. She lives alone in the forest, on the edge of a village Robert and his fighting partner, Bear, have been sent to investigate. When she invites them to shelter from the rain in her barn, they accept, using her place as a vantage point for their surveillance of the town below.Both knights are drawn to the fair maiden. Could she be the one to share their lives? Their dragon partners certainly think so.When they discover a treasonous plot in the village, they must act quickly. Will they be in time to stop the enemy from gaining a strategic foothold in their land? And will they be able to protect the woman who has become precious to them, even while the battle rages?And most important, when the dust settles, can they convince her to stay in the Lair with them...forever?Other books in this series include: Maiden Flight, The Dragon Healer, Border Lair, Master at Arms, The Ice Dragon, Prince of Spies, Wings of Change, FireDrake, Dragon Storm, and Keeper of the Flame.
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