FULL Super Fly: The Worlds Smallest Superhero! by Todd H. Doodler book eReader pdf story spanish

Book description
From just a tiny larva in diapers to . . . SUPER FLY! This is the story of Eugene Flystein, a small and nerdy, mild-mannered housefly, who also happens to be the worlds smallest superhero and humanitys greatest crime fighter.SUPER FLY!: Able to stop tornadoes from destroying towns with just one breath. Strong enough to push a ship away from a looming iceberg. Hes even read every book in the library twice. Yes, twice!Can this four-eyed little bugger, along with his trusty sidekick Fantastic Flea, take on Crazy Cockroach and his army of insect baddies? Its housefly vs. cockroach in this epic battle of good vs. evil. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned!
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