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Essays reviewing the progress of archaeological research and discoveries at English cathedrals, based on a 1989 conference held in Oxford. Contents include: The Archaeological Study of Cathedrals in England 1800-2000: A Review and Speculation (R. Morris); Seveneenth Century Work at Ripon and Hexham (R. N. Bailey); The Cathedral Priory Church at Bath (P. Davenport); The Origins and Development of the Twelfth-Century Cathedral Church at Carlisle (M. R. McCarthy); Archaeology and Chichester Cathedral (T. Tatton-Brown); Current Thinking on Glasgow Cathdedral (R. Fawcett); The Archaeology of Gloucester Cathedral (C. Heighway); Archaeology and the Standing Fabric: Recent Investigations at Lichfield Cathedral (Warwick Rodwell); The Archaeology of Oxford Cathedral ( J. Blair); Archaeology and Rochester Cathedral (T. Tatton-Brown); Above and Below Ground: Archaeology at Wells Cathedral (J. Crook); Robert Willis and the Study of Medieval Architecture (M. W. Thompson; Cathedral Carpentry (J. Munby); Dendrochronology in Cathedrals (W. G. Simpson and C. D. Litton); Mouldings in Medieval Cathedrals (R. K. Morris); Masons Marks and Stone Buildings (J. S. Alexander); The Care of Cathedrals Measure 1990 (R. Gem).
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