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FROM THE AWARD-WINNING AUTHORS OF BUST AND SLIDE //When last we saw Max Fisher and Angela Petrakos, Max was being arrested by the NYPD for drug trafficking and Angela was fleeing the country in the wake of a brutal murder. Now both are headed for eye-opening encounters with the law —Max in the cell blocks of Attica, Angela in a quaint little prison on the Greek island of Lesbos...//First publication ever! //Booklist on THE MAX: A pleasure of the guiltiest kind, like No Country for Old Men as directed by Mel Brooks. //Two of the hottest authors in crime fiction today, Bruen and Starr have been nominated for or won almost every award in the field: the Edgar, the Shamus, the Barry, the Anthony, the Macavity, and more //BUST and SLIDE both received rave reviews from Entertainment Weekly and other major publications // Acclaim for the work of Bruen and Starr...//Two of the century s best thriller writers have joined forces to bring a postmodern twist to the black heart of noir fiction. //—The Rocky Mountain News//You want to read a good, mean book? Grab this new paperback thriller. //—Entertainment Weekly//Vulgar, demented, violent, twisted, amoral, and hilarious... some of the funniest dialogue this side of Elmore Leonard. //—Otto Penzler, The New York Sun
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