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Anxiety and depression are the two most common emotions that plague people, causing emotional distress and feelings of inferiority, loneliness, and despair. Help is available for these people in pain--help from God, from His Word, and from the experience of gifted men and women who seek to lead people to wholeness.Readers will readily identify with licensed family counselor Bob Phillips as he provides descriptions of the potentially debilitating effects of these difficult emotions. He reveals the root causes of anxiety and depression, which are fear and anger, and he helps readers acknowledge and deal with these driving forces in an effective, godly way. He includes a gentle and helpful presentation of spiritual issues and the gospel that will benefit believers and nonbelievers alike.This hands-on, user-friendly approach is written with the lay person in mind and includes plenty of practical and effective self-help exercises that readers can use to find freedom. Christian counselors will recognize that Bobs system is built on a solid foundation of scriptural principles and up-to-date technical research on mental health.
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