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Book description
San Souci, Daniel. (1999). In the Moonlight Mist (A Korean Tale). Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press.Annotation: For children in first to third grade. Eujin Kim Neilan, who uses deep bold colors and textured strokes to create large pictures while still leaving white space to help the beginning reader, illustrates this book. This story begins with a caring woodcutter saving the life of a magical deer, who return rewards the woodcutter under the condition that he follows his instructions. The woodcutter cares for others so much that he puts fails to follow the instructions. In the end, the woodcutter still prevails because of generosity and good deeds.Personal Reaction: I think this is a good book for early readers because the text reads smoothly and the illustrations enhance the story without overpowering it. Additionally it is important for children to be exposed to the values and stories of other cultures.
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