FB2 A Furry Fiasco by Jennifer Swender free eng format epub review

Book description
Play and stay at the Animal Inn, a brand-new chapter book series where the fur—and fun—flies at an animal spa and hotel.The Animal Inn is an all-inclusive pet resort/hotel/center/spa for animals from dogs to rabbits, cats to ducks, parrots to lizards. From doggie and kitty daycare, to grooming, and group play—you name it, and the Animal Inn has it.The Inn is run by the Tyler family along with their pets Leopold, the Macaw; Fuzzy and Furry, the gerbils; dogs Dash and Coco; felines Shadow and Whiskers; and a rollicking horde of animal visitors.When the animals hear that a new boarder—a Komodo Dragon—will be coming to the Inn, they panic! Is it a fire-breathing dragon? Will it gobble them all up and then devour their family? What’s to become of the Animal Inn?
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