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Book description
The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a group of enthusiasts who research and selectively re-create the Middle Ages for knowledge and for fun. At their events, they wear historical clothing and call each other by medieval-style character names. Once a year, they meet to display their handiwork and stage a mock medieval war.In Murder at the War, policeman Peter Brichter (known in the SCA as Stefan von Helle) and his wife, Kori (known as Katherine of Tretower) go to the war for the fun. But the revelry turns deadly serious when a known troublemaker, Thorstane Shieldbreaker, is actually murdered. The local police, anxious to find the culprit, turn their attention to Peter and Kori as suspects once they find the two have quarreled with Thorstane. It is up to Lord Stefan and Lady Katherine, with their inside knowledge of the SCA, to clear their names and solve the crime.Although this is the first published book in the series (originally known as Knightfall, it is second in the series chronology.
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