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This charming historical novel was actually Mary Higgins Clark first novel, originally published in 1968 under the title Aspire to the Heavens (this was the slogan often repeated to George Washington as a child by his austere mother, Mary Ball Washington – a slogan by which President Washington certainly lived his life!). It was re-released in 2002 and it couldn’t be a better time!With our country suffering both the tragic physical attacks of 9/11/2002 and the verbal attacks of those who detest the freedom which we love so much, it was so nice to read this highly-readable, well-researched yet fictionalized story of George Washington, whose work helped us obtain the liberties we enjoy today. As George Washington passes the presidential torch onto John Adams and returns to his beloved Mount Vernon, both he and Patsy flashback to there younger years. Being accustomed to stodgy accounts of Washington’s military victories and political accomplishments, it was a pleasure to read a well-crafted story about Washington as a man, friend, stepfather and husband.I’ve always been a fan of Mary Higgins Clark’s mysteries. This historical love story has proven to me that Ms. Clark is more than just a great mistress of suspense – she is capable of entertaining with other literary genres as well! This short novel & fast-read would make a great beach or airplane book and I would love to see it translated into a television movie, perhaps on George Washington’s birthday!
Mount Vernon Love Story: A Novel of George and Martha Washington by Mary Higgins Clark (Goodreads Author) phone eng ebay online itunes

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