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Nyssa is a fem, genetically engineered for beauty and talent as well as spirit and independence. One day she will rule over the High Council, but for now she must accept the protection of Theron, her new Guardian. Theron is a primale, designed with superhuman mental and physical strength. As a natural dominant, he is meant to mate with a submissive. But there is something about the curvy, impish fem that stirs his protective interests...and his loins. To her dismay, Nyssa finds that she has a taste for the mans dominance, but the risks are high. Once a primale has sexually bonded with a woman, she is his for life exclusively. Nyssa must choose whether to give in to her desire to submit to Theron or to find a safer route in the arms of ordinary men, known as mems. Theron, too, must fight his sexual needs, even as a killer stalks the woman he is coming to love. If he is to save her, he must look into his own heart and the long-buried pain of his solitary life.
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