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This duology (Hunters Oath & Hunters Death) is one story in two books, not really two separate novels.After reading the Greg Keyes Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone books, I was in the mood for some more epic fantasy; however Wests books compare very badly to those.The story starts out with a somewhat promising premise: The Hunter Lords of Breodanir are an elite class, pledged to their hunter god. However, each Lord is oathbound to a Huntbrother, picked from the peasantry, who lives as partner and brother for life - which is often not that long, as hunter Lords and Huntbrothers are regularly killed in their ritual hunts. The narrative follows Stephen, Huntbrother, and his Lord, Gilliam. Stephen turns out to be an intelligent young man, hungry for learning, while Gilliam is crude, crass, and tends to behave much like his beloved hunting dogs. The hunt is his only interest.If the story had just stuck with these two characters and their personal conflicts within their own society, I think I would have liked the story. However, soon a Wise and Beautiful Sorceress, Evayne, shows up. She is one of the most one-dimensional characters Ive ever encountered. No clue is given to her background, personal feelings, etc. She warns of Evil Demons, trapped underground, who want to break out and Take Over. (Very cliche.) For some reason, which I cant quite remember, as itfelt very contrived, in the second book, Stephen & Gilliam have to travel to the foreign city of Averalaan and help Evayne stop the demons.Thats an extremely short summary of what is in reality an extremely long and often tedious story. I nearly gave up on it at times, but then it would pick up and catch my interest for a bit - so I did finish, but overall I would say it never gets better than mediocre.
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