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J.P. Morgan once famously remarked, Millionaires dont have astrologers. Billionaires do.For modern business professionals, the idea that whats in the stars might have some bearing on the very cut-and-dried, numbers-dominated corporate environment may seem pretty out there. But time and time again, the science of astrology has been shown to provide uncanny insight into timing and trends. This book examines the accomplishments of hundreds of business greats--from Walt Disney to Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates--through the remarkable and surprising lens of astrology.Signs of Success gives all readers, be they astrological doubters, dilettantes, or devotees, a practical and entertaining overview of the many applications of astrology to business endeavors. The book provides an analysis of the 12 zodiacal business personality types, and fascinatingly recounts how an understanding of the stars has affected landmark business events throughout history. Witty, wise, and practical, this delightful book shows readers that when it comes to real-world business and leadership, the sky truly is the limit.
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