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For decades the five Italian families have dominated organized crime in New York, controlling the docks, the unions, law enforcement and the influx of drug into the city. But with the longest tenured don on his death bed and the other families on the brink of civil war, greed threatens to destroy The Commission. Enter Marion Holloway, leader of the wealthy and prestige Holloway family, a shrewd and persuasive business man with strong political connects and stronger street ties. The man the FBI says is the most powerful black gangster in the country. With his oldest son, Mason, campaigning for mayor of New York City and his illegitimate son, Yasin “Sin” Kennedy, overseeing his lucrative drug operation, he is poised to seize control of the city. But when the war between the Mafia families hit close to home, the unrelenting power struggle between his sons, jeopardizes everything their father has built. Keys to the Kingdom introduces readers to urban fiction’s newest crime family, the Holloways, and the powerful legacy of tradition and blood, the seduction of power and the ultimate game of sibling rivalry.
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