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Book description
Once upon a time a little lighthouse was built on a sharp point of the shore by the Hudson River.It was round and fat and red.It was fat and red and jolly.And it was VERY, VERY PROUD.This is the story of the last remaining lighthouse on Manhattan Island in New York City, a place once home to many such lighthouses. In the classic picture book tradition, this functional object is imbued with the friendly qualities equal to its usefulness. The reader cheers for the heroic lighthouse and fears for it when the men come to build the Great Gray Bridge right over its head. Just when it seems the lighthouse will become obsolete, it once again saves the day.The language is fun and the illustrations are quite brilliant. Theres a William Blake quality to the lighting that is quite striking. Our friend the lighthouse beams on the page.This is not only a delightful story, but its also a very important book that illustrates the power of childrens books. After its publication, so many children wrote letters wanting to save the little red lighthouse, that eventually it was spared. Now, once a year, the city holds a Little Red Lighthouse Day where its open to the public and to this day, children still flock to it. To the authors and the children who were moved by this book, we all owe our gratitude.
The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde Hoyt Swift free cheap book tablet value

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