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Jamestowns Bride Ship - Susanna anticipates her arrival at the Jamestown Colony only because she intends to return to England on the very same ship. She would not be giving herself as bride to any of the hundreds of men eagerly awaiting on the riverbank. But when Susannas gaze encounters the compassionate eyes of a man who lounges against the wall of the stockade, seemingly no part of the festival atmosphere, any thought of returning to England vanishes forever.Angel of Jamestown - All that is left of Paul Dodsons livelihood of blacksmithing in Jamestown is ashes after the town is burned and plundered in a recent rebellion. Nothing can ease his resentment. He wants the perpetrators brought to justice. But instead of justice, strange gifts begin to materialize. First clothes. Books. Even blacksmithing tools. Who could be his angel and why? Will his distrust keep him from Gods true blessings and finding an angel bride?Ravens Christmas - Life is hopeless for Raven Maury as her guardian has pledged to marry her off to a man more than fifty years her senior. She has given up dreaming that her favorite uncle will return and regain control of Raven and her wealth. Then the beauty of Andrew Faulkners singing fills the sanctuary of Bruton Parish Church, renewing Ravens heart. She will not give in to becoming a bartered Christmas bride.Broken Hearts - Widowed Mary Farthington hopes to ease the grief she and her daughter feel over her husbands murder with a new Christmas doll. She relishes in the attention paid to her by carpenter John Maxwell, whom she asks to make the doll. Love may be on the horizon until Mary finds that John conceals a secret surrounding her husbands death. Will Mary find the ability to forgive in time to be a Christmas bride?
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