Help! tell plz as Logs of the Dead Pirates Society: A Schooner Adventure Around Buzzards Bay by Randall Peffer fb2 online

Book description
I included this in my youth grouping because I think it would sit better with a younger (early to mid-teen) audience. That said, any adult can also glean enjoyment from its pages. Following a couple summer educational cruises around the Buzzards Bay area, and told in the words of the captain, the book introduces the reader to all kinds of people, places, local histories, native lore, environmental impacts, personal insights and more. Some of the descriptions are really beautiful. Peffer writes well, and shares a lot of good and interesting information, but everything in the book had a sort of fragmented feel. The way he wrote it, linearly following the summer cruises, I think made it difficult to hold together as cohesively as I would have liked. But it is a good book ... just not one I would put in the very top of my recommendations.
Logs of the Dead Pirates Society: A Schooner Adventure Around Buzzards Bay by Randall Peffer iBooks portable prewiew online offline

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