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SHOULD U.S. COMICS BE BANNED?“SATANIC” HARRY POTTER BOOKS BURNTPLAYGROUNDS POSE THREAT TO CHILDRENTEXT-MAD YOUTH LOSING WRITING ABILITIESCHILD SUSPENDED FOR BRANDISHING CHICKENSOCIAL WEBSITES HARM CHILDREN’S BRAINSSTUDENT ARRESTED FOR “PASSING GAS” AT SCHOOL These are all real headlines screaming about the terrible stuff that’s out there . . . stuff that’s supposed to be BAD FOR YOU. But, honestly—is it?!Bad for You asks this question and many more—and not just about the things that modern parents fear like violent video games, social media, and dirty hands. Stuff in this book goes back centuries—all the way to Plato (yeah, that one) and his worries over the new “technology” of his time: the written word! Kevin C. Pyle and Scott Cunningham cleverly expose the long-standing CAMPAIGN AGAINST FUN for what it really is: a bunch of anxious adults grasping at straws, ignoring scientific data, and blindly yearning for the good old days that never were. Bad for You presents the facts, figures, and a whole lot more—in eye-grabbing graphics—to debunk these myths and give kids the power to prove there’s nothing wrong with having fun . . . or with being young.
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