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Whats the difference between a fling and a relationship? Three spies are about to find out.Morgan and Simon are settled and happy together, or as much as they can be given their high-octane positions as operatives of the Farmingdale Gentlemans Club. So why are they both having unexpected longings and thoughts about their teammate, River? Sure, hes gorgeous but hes a bit of a player, and neither Simon nor Morgan are willing to risk their relationship on a fling.Try as he might, River cant seem to resist his attraction to his team leader, Simon, or Simons mate, Morgan. He also cant quite let himself intrude on their relationship until he receives a rather unique offer from the two men. Its a fairly casual arrangement, but when things get rocky on a Game in Prague, things come to a head.Can three very different men find a way to make love work? Easier said than done, especially when the past seems determined to complicate the future.
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