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Man, its a good thing that there arent homosexual males today who are shamed by society and emotionally battered by jocko, bible-beating dads, preachers, politicians, and education systems into disingenuous heterosexual marriages with women they could never truly love, often driving them to live self-hatred-inducing double-lives rather than face their true selves because they are afraid of being rejected by the culture at large and/or disowned by their families, friends, and/or spiritual communities, while those who do decide to embrace their inner worlds outwardly live in constant danger of bigotry manifested as violence and government/church interference in their bedrooms, hearts, and homes, and it all too often ends tragically for all concerned because a simple fact of nature couldnt be embraced by the inbred, Christ-juicin minds of the masses, or this book may have been really depressing and insightful, even nearly a hundred years later. Hashtag sarcasm.Tragic, lovely, and puzzlingly tasteful in its vulgarity. Also, still sadly relevant. Incidentally, theres a whole lotta sex innit.
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